Earth Trust Placement

For as long as I can remember I've been driven by the prospect of making a difference. My seemingly minute position on this planet is, in my humble opinion, not to be underestimated. And while I could write a considerable... Continue Reading →


It’s Time To Diversify Your Skill Set

Calling on all you creatives out there, have you ever considered a career in PR? Well now is the best time to do so. Social media is having a colossal effect on the everyday role of a PR practitioner and... Continue Reading →

Now More Than Ever, It’s Time To Be A Conversationalist

Communication is at the very core of Public Relations. A pivotal skill in this profession is being able to converse, with relative ease, with a diverse range of people. No two conversations are the same and this has become increasingly... Continue Reading →

Data-Driven Public Relations

The concept of ‘big data’ is undoubtedly changing the world of Public Relations. We no longer turn to libraries to do our research; our bookshelves are a little dusty because now, we turn to Google. Google gives us a wealth... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Influencers; A PR Perspective 

Once upon a time the mass media were the only powerhouse that could significantly impact brand awareness. But gone are the days of paying for TV ads and enlisting high-profile celebs to endorse your brand. In today’s digitalised world, PR... Continue Reading →

Time To Reflect

It’s been an interesting 18 months. The truth is, I never thought I’d be writing a reflective piece on my development as a Uni student because I never thought I’d become one in the first place. Growing up I never... Continue Reading →

Protests In The 21st Century: The Women’s March

On the 21st of January, less than 24 hours after President Trump's inauguration, an unprecedented movement took place. An estimated total of 5 million people partook in the Women's March, not only in America but in 60 other countries worldwide too.... Continue Reading →

Nike’s Campaign: A Message Turned Sour

I once saw a quote that read 'women are fat, and thin, and all the in-betweens'. Yet in our society, calling someone 'fat' is an awful, demeaning thing to do but shaming someone for being 'skinny' isn't seen the same way.... Continue Reading →

‘Ask for Angela’ Campaign Combatting Sexual Assault

Lincolnshire County Council deserve HUGE credit for creating a clever way to combat sexual assault and violence for women whose dates aren't going quite as planned. In a culture where women may feel it very daunting to reject someone on a... Continue Reading →

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