Earth Trust Placement

For as long as I can remember I've been driven by the prospect of making a difference. My seemingly minute position on this planet is, in my humble opinion, not to be underestimated. And while I could write a considerable... Continue Reading →


It’s Time To Diversify Your Skill Set

Calling on all you creatives out there, have you ever considered a career in PR? Well now is the best time to do so. Social media is having a colossal effect on the everyday role of a PR practitioner and... Continue Reading →

Now More Than Ever, It’s Time To Be A Conversationalist

Communication is at the very core of Public Relations. A pivotal skill in this profession is being able to converse, with relative ease, with a diverse range of people. No two conversations are the same and this has become increasingly... Continue Reading →

Data-Driven Public Relations

The concept of ‘big data’ is undoubtedly changing the world of Public Relations. We no longer turn to libraries to do our research; our bookshelves are a little dusty because now, we turn to Google. Google gives us a wealth... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Influencers; A PR Perspective 

Once upon a time the mass media were the only powerhouse that could significantly impact brand awareness. But gone are the days of paying for TV ads and enlisting high-profile celebs to endorse your brand. In today’s digitalised world, PR... Continue Reading →

Time To Reflect

It’s been an interesting 18 months. The truth is, I never thought I’d be writing a reflective piece on my development as a Uni student because I never thought I’d become one in the first place. Growing up I never... Continue Reading →

Clay Skirky: Here Comes Everybody (Book Review)

With the use of some fascinating real-world anecdotes, Clay Shirky has reshaped my perception of the Internet and its unparalleled effect on social interaction. This book unfolds several interesting theories about how the Internet has transformed our day-to-day lives; altering our news... Continue Reading →

Protests In The 21st Century: The Women’s March

On the 21st of January, less than 24 hours after President Trump's inauguration, an unprecedented movement took place. An estimated total of 5 million people partook in the Women's March, not only in America but in 60 other countries worldwide too.... Continue Reading →

Nike’s Campaign: A Message Turned Sour

I once saw a quote that read 'women are fat, and thin, and all the in-betweens'. Yet in our society, calling someone 'fat' is an awful, demeaning thing to do but shaming someone for being 'skinny' isn't seen the same way.... Continue Reading →

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